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Compassion First’s ongoing effort in Sierra Leone is entirely dependent on the generous support of donors like yourself. One hundered percent of your donation will go to the project to make tangible improvements in the lives of these children.

Help us by donating directly to our program. Just $20 provides the Shelter Home with 2 weeks worth of rice; $40 is enough to sponsor one child for an entire year of school; $100 is enough to build bunk beds for four children. One time and reoccurring gifts are equally welcome.

Please Click  HERE to make a fully tax deductible donation.


Freetown Slums
Freetown Slums
Children in Kambia
Children in Kambia

To make a donation, please click HERE


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  1. Hi Ashley, I have been to Kambia on several occasions, my colleagues were there a month or so ago. We are a UK based NGO working in Kambia since 1992 with a focus on infant and maternal health. Why don’t you call in and see out representative whilst you are out there?

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance and best of luck with your work out there.


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