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Our initial work in the area of human rights and solution-based poverty remediation is in Sierra Leone, a small  country on the Coast of West Africa struggling to rebuild after a devastating eleven year war. Compassion First is proud to have an affiliate relationship with the Sierra Leonean NGO, AMNet (Advocacy Movement Network). Together with AMNet, Compassion First is pioneering efforts in the areas of advocacy for women and children, and agricultural microenterprise.

Advocacy for Women and Children:

CF/AMNet is leading the way in advocacy for women and children and working in the following areas:

  • Systematically  implementing successful strategies that are eliminating the practice of female genital mutilation.
  • Facilitating workshops and community outreach programs designed to educate rural populations on the Sierra Leone Child Rights Act.
  • Applying the method of inter-generational dialogue to facilitate discussion between youth and elders on harmful cultural practices and attitudes towards women.

Agricultural Microenterprise:

In 2009, Compassion First and AMNet established a partnership with the Fountain of Mercy Shelter Home located in Kissi Town, 40 miles outside the capital city. The Fountain of Mercy Shelter Home was established by Reverend James Spencer Sesay in order to provide a safe home and access to education for orphaned and destitute street youth in the aftermath of the country’s civil war. The Fountain of Mercy saved most of these children from lives of prostitution, domestic slavery, begging and forced labor. Since its founding in 2006, Reverend Spencer has consistently struggled to provide the children with adequate food, shelter and medical care due to unpredictable and inadequate funding sources.

Upon partnering with the Fountain of Mercy Shelter Home, Compassion First has worked to establish a long-term, sustainable solution to the Shelter’s economic hardship through agricultural microenterprise. In August 2009, a ten acre plot of land was donated to Fountain of Mercy to begin agricultural production. The farm is providing a nutritional and reliable food source to the shelter in addition to a steady flow of self-generated income through the sale of produce to the surrounding communities. The students of the Shelter Home are actively engaged on the farm, learning invaluable agricultural and business skills through hands-on work experience.

Compassion First is currently working to expand operations on the farm in addition to crop diversification, drip-irrigation and composting to minimize environmental impact. Efforts are constantly being taken to upgrade the Shelter facilities and improve the living conditions for these children.

Your Participation:

Compassion First’s ongoing effort in Sierra Leone is entirely dependent on the generous support of donors like yourself. One hundered percent of your donation will go to the project to make tangible improvements in the lives of these children.

Help us by donating directly to our program. Just $20 provides the Shelter Home with 2 weeks worth of rice; $40 is enough to sponsor one child for an entire year of school; $100 is enough to build bunk beds for four children. One time and reoccurring gifts are equally welcome.

Please Click  HERE to make a fully tax deductible donation.

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